Exploring Filey's Past :: Crimlisk Fisher Archive

You Can Help.

At the Crimlisk Fisher Archive all the staff are volunteers who give of their time freely purely for the pleasure of working with this unique resource.

Many images have already been catalogued and digitised and we working towards the goal of completing this process.

We also offer help in locating resources to members of the public researching the town or their own family history.

Many images have sparse detail in the description and we are always grateful for any information that can add to our understanding the time places and people. Visitors have already helped us to identify individual buildings, name people and specify the date an image was made.

We are always looking for better detail to refine the information we hold and to add to the narrative of Filey's past.

If you enjoy historical research, or enjoy writing for online publication please do not hesitate to contact the archive at: crimliskfisherarchive@gmail.com
It often feels as if almost every day bring a fresh discovery and we need your input!
Crimlisk - Fisher Archive. Written for the web  by  B Mulrine